Flagstaff is reducing the recession plan to a “moderate” stage policy

However, some practices are expected to stay the same, and Tadder advised the council that staff will continue to review large spending requests and will continually postpone discretionary travel and training.

The city’s budgeters recommended that the council cut the phase earlier this month after presenting a brief update to the recession plan. The discussion took place on February 1 during the second of three planned budget retreats for Fiscal Year 2021-22, during which council members were presented with a full overview of the annual budget and updated revenue projections.

“Things seem to be in a better position than we thought when the pandemic started,” Tadder told the council during the household retreat.

City Manager Greg Clifton described a level of confidence in reducing the stage it had taken members of the budget and finance team months to achieve. Even in “the most conservative” estimates of the city’s budget, Clifton said, employees felt the move was justified.

“If there’s something here that we want to highlight that should resonate in all of the discussions this morning, take a look,” said Clifton at the budget retreat.

The council unanimously passed the recession plan last April, preparing the city to cope with both the current and future economic downturn.

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