Flagstaff Skincare is left glowing after winning Best Day Spa and Skin Care


Flagstaff Skincare specializes in skin care goals, facials, gentle hair removal, lash lifts and tints. They create a truly unique experience that will leave you glowing afterwards. The staff is kind, friendly and knowledgeable about their craft.

“I truly feel like my clients are family,” says Kati Wasserman, owner of Flagstaff Skincare. “We have the best clients in the entire world. I feel like Flagstaff is a special place. This was my ideal community to bring my vision to life.”

Wasserman began her career working with hair while in Utah but quickly learned that it wasn’t for her. She obtained her esthetician’s license and fell in love with it. After a few years of traveling around working as an esthetician, she decided to move closer to family in Flagstaff and knew she wanted to continue her journey working with people to help them feel their best.

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Wasserman says, “I had dreamed about opening my own spa for as long as I remember. I wanted to open a spa because I feel like there was a gap in the industry just with the support of the places I have worked and are giving to their staff.”

The staff at Flagstaff Skincare go through an in-depth, individualized training program developed by Wasserman. After the training, they work together with her to ensure that they feel confident in the work that they are doing. They work as a team to create a responsive and supportive working environment alongside the environment they create for their clients.

“We’re all about learning and educating and being on the same team to get the same goal. Anytime anyone has a question, we can rely on each other. I don’t want them to feel alone, which I sometimes have felt in my own experience at other spaces,” says Wasserman.

The education doesn’t stop with the staff; Wasserman’s clients also receive an in-depth look at the process behind achieving their skin care goals. Because everyone is fairly well versed in what they are doing, they help clients understand the process. A consultation is completed before every service and clients have the opportunity to learn as their appointment goes on.

Skincare receives many repeat clients that come as often as every two to three weeks and are usually booked between to six weeks ahead of time. They also offer more services, like extra days or more spots during the day to allow people to book some services and take advantage of what they have to offer.

Wassmerman says, “It’s been amazing but at the same time a little overwhelming. I’m so ecstatic with it, I feel very proud that my vision has come to life. It is really proving that what I’ve dreamed of is needed out here and I love the community that we’ve created and the relationships with my clients.”

Wasserman is excited about what the future holds as their clientele and Flagstaff grows. She hopes to accommodate everyone who walks through the doors or books an appointment online, which means one day opening a larger space. For now, you can find their glowing services at their downtown location.

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