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1921: Lawbreakers whose offenses are punishable by imprisonment will not have it easy in the future. The precedent was set Monday by Judge JE Jones in Coconino Superior Court when he sentenced two men to six months of hard labor in the county jail with the intention of working on the county streets during that time. A certain class of offenders did something like a favor to a detention in the Coconino County Jail. It’s a good, clean, warm prison with lots of healthy food and it was a breeze for most of the prisoners who are usually a species who find it no shame to be locked up and find their conversation there much more pleasant than they to have to? work to make a living. It’s different now. The assistant district attorney and Judge Jones talked about it all Monday and decided that, in most cases, this type of punishment really was a reward for misconduct. So when the two were arrested in Canyon Diablo after trying to sell 6 bottles of tequila to the railroad construction and section gangs, pleading guilty, the judge sentenced them to road construction.

Joe V. Prochaska, the ingenious state gamekeeper who has planted between 30,000 and 40,000 fish in various lakes and streams in Arizona in the past three weeks, came out of the mountains on Friday with the skin of a bear on his shoulder. He was on his way back to Phoenix with his wife and son Eugene last Thursday, accompanied by his son Eugene and the deputy gamekeeper, he drove out at another local river to finish planting his fish stock, and meanwhile he was busy, a large wild black bear women strolled along. The nervous ranger opened the attack on the spot, with nothing to do but a revolver, and if he’d missed the right spot there might have been a longer and sadder story. But he did not do it. Mrs. Bear went down the first shot and a second shot ended her.

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