Flagstaff Story: Streakers on Bicycles were charged with indecent exposure to history

SUSANNAH CARNEY Special for the daily sun

125 years ago

1896: JE Baxter, the new traveling auditor for the A. & P. ​​Railroad, was here Thursday to “check out” Agent Davis.

Dr. DJ Brannen is expected to arrive here this week.

From parties that came in from Pearceville in the past two days, we found out the following interesting facts about the bonanza camp. The camp quickly takes on the appearance of a city. J. and H. Norton & Co. have a business with WA Washington as their manager. There are about 150 men in town: miners, engineers, laborers, and some idlers.

Levi Strauss overalls are available from Roger for 60 cents.

The Woodmen of the World give a ball on the 14th of the month.

JA Miller and his bride came from Williams last night. You will be doing housekeeping at the Clark residence in Birch and Leroux.

The cliff dwellings on Downey Mountain continue to attract local people’s attention. Recently, two explorers searching for relics found a bone needle, a mat, and a meter of coarse cloth.

100 years ago

1921: Let’s come alive and have Switzer Lake. It is a task that the Chamber of Commerce should do now. Not only is it vital to Flagstaff’s growth, it’s a project that can be accomplished successfully in a short amount of time when the right level of push and enthusiasm comes into play.

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