Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra presents ‘Night time Music’ | music

This Saturday the Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra presents night music. The on-demand program will be available online February 20-28.

“Night music or night music is classic light music that is intended for intimate evening events,” said Larry Lang, Managing Director of the FSO. “Our program includes songs and dances, a beautiful serenade and even a musical game of billiards.”

The production of night music has been switched from the original full orchestra to small ensembles, which guarantee the safety of the musicians and employees of the FSO and at the same time enable an experience of the highest quality.

One of the featured musicians is Jeannette Hirosawa Moore on the flute; Rebecca Kemper Scarnati and Ruth Solin on oboe; Mary Jackson and Sheila White on clarinet; Douglas Brown and David Bruner on bassoon; and Nancy Sullivan and Patrick Joyce on horn. They will perform Vincent d’Indy’s “Chanson et Danses”, Wolfgang A Mozart’s “Serenade # 12 in C minor” and Gary Carpenter’s “A Musical Snooker Game”.

“The FSO is working diligently to produce outstanding online performances until it is safe to perform live again,” said the non-profit organization in a press release. “Thank you very much for your understanding and support for these virtual programs, and we will keep you informed of future plans.”

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