Forests in northern Arizona, Flagstaff, Coconino County, place level 1 fire restrictions on local

Visitors should be especially careful when rebuilding on any public space during the fire season, according to forest service officials.

The Tonto National Forest made a similar statement on Wednesday in which it joined forces with the Apache-Sitgreaves and Prescott Forests to impose restrictions. Coronado National Forest in southeast Arizona has not imposed any similar restrictions so far this year.

In view of the drought conditions and the high risk of fire, “no rain forecast and rising temperatures in the near future, we expect an active forest fire season”, said Taiga Rohrer, fire protection officer of the Tonto National Forest. “These fire controls protect human life, property and our natural resources.”

Elsewhere, Mohave County earlier this week introduced bans on outdoor fires and the use of fireworks for consumers in unregulated areas that are not owned by the federal government, state or tribes.

In another development, additional crews and heavy equipment were assigned to a still-growing wildfire that burned 8.6 square miles of brush and grass on and near the Prescott Forest in northern central Arizona.

With 400 people now assigned to the fire, crews assisted by helicopters dropping water and retarders had removed the vegetation and created perimeter lines around 15% of the extent of the fire as of Wednesday, fire managers reported in a statement.

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