FPD Officials Arrested for Domestic Violence Resign | Local

Flagstaff Police Officer Tanner Johnston was arrested earlier this month for aggravated assault, domestic violence and disorderly behavior.

Tanner was immediately put on paid administrative leave and asked to assist in an internal investigation by the Flagstaff Police Department’s Professional Standards Unit.

Instead, Tanner decided to step down from his role at the FPD a few days after the incident. He had been with the City of Flagstaff since July 15, 2019.

Immediately after the arrest, police said the department had confiscated Tanner’s gun, police ID and a privately owned gun – which was voluntarily abandoned.

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Officials responded to a report of domestic violence in a residential unit on Feb. 8 at around 12:05 p.m. that identified Tanner as one of the parties to the incident.

Following Tanner’s identification, the FPD officials asked the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office to respond to the residence in order to take primary responsibility for criminal investigations. After a criminal investigation, the CCSO made the arrest and Tanner was sent to Coconino County Detention Center.

FPD reminded the community to report violence to law enforcement agencies. In cases where a victim may not feel comfortable reporting acts of violence within a relationship, domestic violence hotlines and programs are available to provide assistance.

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