Gas prices in Yuma. continue to rise

Local residents and those who just stopped by had to pay more at the pump, reports Luis Lopez

YUMA, Arizona (KYMA, KECY) – Arizona gas prices are up about 0.7 cents per gallon, bringing the average price to about $ 3.12 a gallon.

In Yuma, residents, and even those who only stop by to refuel on a road trip, notice the rise.

Levi Heisman, a Phoenix resident who stops in Yuma to refuel before heading to California, has felt the impact of prices. “It used to be $ 50, now it’s $ 80 to fill up,” Heisman said.

A year ago, gasoline prices weren’t that bad thanks to the restricted travel of many people due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But now people are on the move again, be it for travel or just for work.

This return has been accompanied by an increase in gas prices, which have increased by over 45.1% compared to the previous year. That affects drivers like Rodger Junge, an RV and truck owner who refuel in Yuma when he travels from his home in California.

Boy Says his RV, which also pulls his truck, has a tank capacity of 125 gallons; Intentional meaning: He has to do what he can to save on the gas pump.

“I use one of the apps on the phone, gasoline friend; I use that all the time. I’m from Tuscon, for example, and that was the cheapest fuel between here and there, so I just filled up before heading to California.” Boy shared.

In Junge’s opinion, there is another reason for the further rise in prices.

“You know it’s really the policy of the Biden government, you know this green energy thing which I don’t think is going very well, I believe in a clean planet, but you know it hurts people’s wallets . “

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