Golden Bear Preview: Nick Morrow

Nick Morrow via

I’m going to preface this by saying there simply isn’t much of anything out there on Nick Morrow when I was doing research into him. To compensate for this I will try to get another preview out this weekend because it can’t simply be a one and done this week. With that being said, lets get into the short but sweet preview of Nick Morrow, who will be coming in as an offensive lineman for your California Golden Bears.

The Bio and Measurements

6ft 8in

255 lbs

Flagstaff HS (Flagstaff, AZ)

What does Cal have in Morrow?

Like I stated earlier I don’t really know to be honest. Its more of a fear of the unknown versus being uncertain about a starting/bench position. Morrow is gigantic with a 6’8 frame, where he lined up at Tight End and Defensive End during his time at Flagstaff. On offense, Morrow seemed to play the tight end as a leakout type of player, similar to a Foster Moreau or Marcedes Lewis. Morrow has the ability to get his hands up and bully opponents but I can’t say I see much else that screams off the board. It certainly seems like he will be a project in regards to consistently getting on the offensive line but there is one distinct area where I can see Morrow thrive in.

Where does he fit?

He will most certainly be a project when he steps on to campus. If he keeps the frame he has now, I do see a role for him on punt blocking and as a deliberate field goal blocker like Stanford likes to do. I usually would never cite those heathens across the bay but this one thing they have done well, are doing well, and will probably keep doing well. These types of situations are certainly all too familiar for the Golden Bears and their fans, much to our demise. But if the coaching staff can tune him into a player that has a special niche like Matthew Slater of the Patriots, then there’s something here.

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