Governor Ducey returns to Yuma, tours border

FOX 9’s Adam Klepp checked out border crossing activity the day of his visit

YUMA, Ariz. (KECY, KYMA) – Governor Doug Ducey is seeing the Yuma border for the first time since February.

The visit comes two weeks since the state completed its project of putting shipping containers in Yuma’s wall gaps.

“We all know the border is a federal responsibility, but in Arizona, we’re taking every action possible,” Ducey said.

A project the state of Arizona paid for after Ducey said the federal government was taking too long to act to complete the border wall.

During a press conference at the wall on Thursday, Ducey invited local farmers and lawmakers to speak on how the border crisis has personally impacted them.

“They’ve created a fentanyl problem we’re all dealing with, we all know someone that died, we have a family relative tomorrow who we’re having a funeral for in Phoenix,” Representative Tim Dunn said.

“We’re a small county, our resources are strained from the food bank to the women and children’s shelter,” Yuma County Supervisor Jonathan Lines said.

Even with the containers, migrants are still crossing at the Cocopah Reservation where there is no wall.

The shipping containers act more as a funnel than a deterrent to migrants, pushing most migrants now to illegally cross there.

A husband and wife from Cuba said the journey was dangerous, but they felt it was their only choice for their future.

Iliana and Nayut Garcia

“It’s very dangerous. Moreso going through Mexico because of the narcos but nonetheless, it’s the risk we’re willing to take,” Iliana and Nayut Garcia said.

Governor Ducey said today’s visit was also for discussing future border security projects.

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