Grammy Nominated Composer Opens AZ Tour in Yuma

Live music events are making a comeback across Arizona, and one notable artist begins a tour across the state with a show this weekend at the Historic Yuma Theatre. KAWC’s Dave Riek, who also hosts The Bridge on our sister station Border Radio-KOFA, talks to the artist about the “David Arkenstone & Friends” tour.

David Arkenstone’s music has sold in the millions, including 4.7 million copies of his composition for the video game “World of Warcraft: Cataclysm,” a decade ago.

Arkenstone performing in Palm Springs.

The California artist has been creating music since high school. Arkenstone began his career creating mystical soundscapes that were embraced by a wide range of audiences including Celtic music fans and followers of the New Age. He also composed music for film and television projects including the theme music for the television broadcast of the Kentucky Derby.

We spoke with David Arkenstone from his studio in Central California as he was preparing for a tour that will take him to several Arizona cities, beginning in Yuma. He says he was influenced by a couple of notable recordings by English bands that he heard in the 1970s.

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