Guest Column: Turn the Pages in a World Turned Upside Down…

Written by Syd Morris

This is a political and historical blurb.

I have a new name for our liberal people, which is the Democratic Party right now. My new name is “WOBBLIES” – a shaky group that follows the herd.

Today, the WOBBLIES want to tear down any symbol they don’t like, so let’s explore the path that created this great nation.

We could start in Jamestown in the 17th century, but let’s fast-forward to George Washington crossing the Delaware in 1776, in the dead of winter, without shoes or coats, and you can throw in the battles of Bunker Hill and Cowpens.

These were people who did not want to live under the yoke of a king. These shoeless and cloakless citizens took on the king’s army and won.

What now? Today the WOBBLIES want to remove the statues of the likes of Thomas Jefferson and even Christopher Columbus for goodness sake.

Who was Thomas Jefferson? He was the third president after Washington and John Adams, serving from 1801 to 1809. He was one of the authors of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

When he was elected President, the country was struggling to shape our destiny. It was a new experiment, forming a government of the people and by the people – not kings, tsars or prime ministers. No, just a group of citizens structured to govern themselves called the “Republic”.

Back then, this nation was pretty shaky. It consisted of 13 colonies that we now call states, but the southern part of the country, beginning with Florida, included all the Gulf states and much of the west was claimed by France. It eventually joined the United States with the Louisiana Purchase.

The territory of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California was claimed by the Spanish in a distant frontier with no structured government. And then there was the Pacific Northwest that the British had their eye on.

Thomas Jefferson was a visionary and he saw a land stretching from the Pacific to the Atlantic and from Texas to Canada.

To piece this land together in 1803, shortly after the Louisiana Purchase, Jefferson commissioned the Lewis and Clark Expedition to explore and map the land from St. Louis to the Pacific Ocean across the Missouri River. The WOBBLIES have to admit that without the likes of Jefferson we probably wouldn’t have a United States.

By the way, if it wasn’t for the old Christopher Columbus, we would probably speak Chinese.

Yes, slavery was terrible, but so was the Roman Empire. Slavery has existed since the beginning of time and still exists in many nations. It is a condition defined by strenuous work or restrictions on freedoms. Our slavery was worse; it degraded the people and deprived them of the chance for economic growth.

In short, we have deprived them of their best means of lifting themselves out of poverty – an education. It is time to put things right and start a program to educate the descendants of American slaves.

I say descendants because our nation is now populated by several African nations who were unaffected by our period at that terrible time in history. It has taken us decades to get here and it will take a commitment of decades to fix it.

To fix this, Congress must pass legislation to create funds to build modern facilities in African American communities and staff them with teachers independent of organized labor to create an atmosphere of learning. In other words, the children are there to learn and the teachers are there to teach, and the parents are silent.

It wouldn’t be easy and I can already hear the WOBBLIES screaming discrimination. I predict that five or six generations from now you will see graduation rates close to 100 percent and college education around 50 percent.

The problem of discrimination is not skin color or facial features, but economic differences that can only be resolved through education. When I see and hear people like Ben Carson, a brain surgeon, Harris Faulkner, a Fox News anchor, or Charles Payne, a financial analyst at Fox Business, I don’t see skin color, and neither should you.

I could be wrong… They say that the cost of college has exceeded the cost of living by a significant amount. That’s what they said. Because student debt is so high, the WOBBLIES want taxpayers to foot the bill, or at least put in at least $10,000 a semester, according to Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Uprising… It is a violent overthrow of a government or institution. A rebellion, open defiance of the orders of established authority.

January 6, 2021 was a bad day and everyone condemned it. But it wasn’t a civil war.

The WOBBLIES called it worse than Pearl Harbor and yes, even worse than 9/11.

Pearl Harbor killed 2,467 people, 2,977 on 9/11.

To my knowledge, only one, and an innocent young bystander, was shot. A police officer is rumored to have died after being hit in the head with a fire extinguisher, but it was later believed to have been a heart attack.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has to be the acting authority saying, and I quote, “nearly 10 people died.” If there are ten, please tell us who they are and what caused their death.

I’m not treating this as frivolous, but I just think it’s time to lower the rhetoric and use some common sense. Several of your fellow citizens are serving long prison sentences, some in solitary confinement and many charged with the offense of trespassing, and are the direct result of today’s photographic technology.

Choose. Now here is a topic that will stir the cockles. The WOBBLIES don’t want any voter ID period. As far as I can tell they want voting to be as easy as just walking into your card shop, like buying a birthday card, filling it out and mailing it.

Since it only happens every four years (for the President), it will be a special card stand with separate ballots. One for the Conservatives and one for the WOBBLIES. To avoid voter suppression, the WOBBLES cards are filled out so all you have to do is sign your name. “X is not a valid signature”. (I’m oversimplifying, but not much).

The last election had the most uncontrolled mailing of ballots in history. Well I’m not a skeptic but a system like this sure lends itself to mischief and if you think no mischief happened I have a bridge for sale. Well, the old shifty ship can see it clearly.

COVID. Well, this will really warm up the cockles; When I enter the name “Trump”; my computer shutters.

Facts are facts, Trump lit a fire and developed a vaccine in a single year. The experts said it was impossible, it would take five years. That damn Russian agent, who does he think he is?

But really, this virus is a bummer and we need to pull out all the stops. Most of us still remember World War II.

It took all hands to win this fight; not only the Army, but also the Marines, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Merchant Navy, Industry and leaders like Eisenhower, Nimitz, Halsey and Patton.

COVID is a world war, but our leaders appear shaky. It seems all we’re hearing is masks, vaccines, lockdown, closing schools, staying at home and following the science.

I’m almost 90 years young and a walking drugstore for pills they call therapeutics. They keep me grounded and I’ve heard doctors tout their success, but they seem missing from our arsenal.

It seems that this new strain just doesn’t give a damn, and we need to learn how to tone it down and move on. Our children – maybe not here in Utah – but in many of our blue states are suffering irreparable damage.

Come on. Let’s turn the page; We can do it.

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