Hannity flares Biden’s push to change sides on the Afghanistan crisis as Americans and allies remain trapped

Fox News host Sean Hannity set President Biden on fire Wednesday on Hannity for the president’s “insulting” claims that he “turned the page” the crisis in Afghanistan as Americans and allies remain trapped behind enemy lines and US soldiers theirs Continuing recovery from terrorist attack on Kazai International Airport.

“Joe Biden, he now claims that he officially turned the page on Afghanistan and, I think, drove a winning lap,” said Hannity. “What an insulting statement. He won’t lift a finger to help our American compatriots he’s left.”

“This is not a Republican and a Democrat. You are our fellow American citizens,” he exclaimed. “He hasn’t even mentioned her in 22 days. How is that possible? I wonder if the families of those trapped behind enemy lines in Afghanistan have turned the page … But Joe Biden thinks he can … just move on. “

Hannity has also ripped apart Biden’s current approval rating, calling his presidency a “disgusting failure” and citing a CNN report that the president should be afraid of his numbers in major battlefield states.

“Look at the Gallup numbers. Joe’s poll numbers have never been lower, and for good reason,” he argued. “Inflation is exploding and is likely to get much worse. Gasoline prices have increased by about fifty dollars a gallon since he took office on January 20th. That’s a lot per gallon. We pay more for everything we buy and keep our homes cool, more to fill up our tanks. “

Amid the “undiminished failure” in Afghanistan, Hannity argued that Biden’s policies had encouraged our enemies and damaged America’s relationship with its allies.

“Our allies rightly no longer trust us,” he said. “France, they have just called their ambassador back. Israel, they are threatening to do the same. Every enemy around the world is being encouraged and China’s threats are getting worse by the day.”

Hannity also dismantled the Biden administration’s handling of the wave of migrants along the US-Mexico border, claiming that both President and Vice President Harris are ignoring the crisis.

“You know, Joe and his incompetent border tsarina Kamala Harris twisted their fingers for seven months,” argued Hannity. “Joe and Kamala, we haven’t forgotten. They want to know the cause of the mass migration. Look in the mirror.

In the absence of COVID testing and verification, Hannity also argued that Biden’s “help and assistance” to illegal immigrants entered the country and caused a humanitarian crisis, national security and public health as a result.


“The migrants, the very people who broke our laws, have not respected our sovereignty and our borders,” he said. “You are coming to this country illegally. And now he’s helping across the country with the help of Joe Biden. “

“And of course, all of this could be resolved if Joe Biden told the migrants not to come and have this idiocy of the process and the release and go back and finish the wall that Donald Trump built and, by the way, deport anyone who crosses illegally. And by the way, bring you back to stay on Mexico politics and just get the law through. That will not happen.”

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