Hansen’s Sunday issue: Amphis Tim Derksen, Santa Ritas Terrell Stoglin continue the tradition of Tucson tires | Greg Hansen

During their time in Amphi and Santa Rita, Derksen and Stoglin were rivals and took turns winning the state championships. Stoglin went to Maryland, Derksen to San Francisco. Amazingly, they totaled exactly 2,500 points in their NCAA basketball career.

If that doesn’t reflect Tucson’s elite outlook, what then?

Brown wrecks the bus, flies to the NCAA playoffs

UA mug Tod Brown. Arizona Daily Star file photo taken by Benjie Sanders on May 4, 1994.

Benjie Sanders

Sabino High School and UA graduate Death Brown coached the state of North Dakota again for the NCAA baseball tournament this year (he did so in 2016) and won the Summit League championship in Omaha, Nebraska last week.

Brown’s trip to the NCAA playoffs isn’t what you would see Arizona or the ASU.

The NDSU, which lost in the NCAA opener in Stanford on Friday, had to play 25 street games at a school that does not fly first class. The bison have been 12,845 miles on the bus this season.

“We slept on the bus for 11 nights,” Brown told me. “We spent 39 nights in a hotel and won five Road Series. We would normally leave on a train at 10 a.m. on a Wednesday night and arrive around 10 a.m. the next day. The boys are looking forward to flying to Stanford, our first flight of the year. “

Brown’s team traveled by bus to games in Ohio, Kentucky, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, Colorado, and Missouri. They won the summit by 20:11, but he wasn’t even voted Coach of the Year.


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