Help is on the way | Letters to the editor

The American Rescue Plan Act (also known as the Covid Relief Bill) passed both the House and Senate, and not a single Republican has voted to help the American people. As part of that bill, a family of four will receive $ 5,600 ($ 1,400 per person) to buy groceries, turn on lights, and make up rent. In addition, unemployment benefits are guaranteed for USD 300 per week until September 2021. This support is vital, especially in rural Arizona and tribal areas, to get our economies back on track and to help families in need.

As of December 2020, more than 83 million Americans struggled to make ends meet, and nearly 40 million Americans were threatened with eviction in January 2021. The families of Navajo and Apache Counties were not immune to these troubles.

The $ 20 billion bill is designed to ensure that anyone who wants the vaccine has access to it. So our economy can recover and our main roads can be rebuilt.

The American Rescue Plan Act includes additional child tax credits that could cut the child poverty rate in half. In both Navajo and Apache counties, most public school children receive free, discounted lunches. These children and their families benefit directly from this tax cut.

The bill also includes $ 17 billion to directly aid veterans with health and employment problems caused by COVID-19. Our veterans deserve access to the best resources for health care and employment. In total, Navajo County will receive $ 21 million and Apache County will receive $ 14 million from the American Rescue Plan Act.

The bill is supported by 76% of Americans, including 60% of Republicans, but not a single Republican legislature has voted for the bill. Republicans are still unresponsive to voter needs. We need to call for better leadership and hold them accountable.

The American Rescue Plan Act is not a guide, but a lifeline for millions of American families. And not a single Republican supported this much-needed aid. We deserve better.

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