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HOLBROOK – Voters across the state have approved Prop 207, the legal marijuana initiative, by a whopping 60 to 40% according to the latest figures from the Arizona Secretary of State.

A similar attempt failed in Arizona in 2016.

Proposition 207, the state’s citizens’ initiative to legalize marijuana, was passed by a majority on November 3, and last Friday the Arizona Department of Health granted 86 licenses for the sale of adult use marijuana, the term recreated by recreational users. Marijuana who do not have a medical marijuana card. Two local pharmacies haven’t started sales yet, but one plans to start on Monday February 1st.

Voters in the Apache and Navajo counties did not follow the national trend, and a majority in each county voted no. According to the electoral authorities in the districts, the counting of votes is still unofficial.

In Apache County, the no-votes dominated with 54% versus 46% for. In Navajo County, the results show that 53% opposed the measure; those for the measure, 47%. But since the statewide proposal was passed, the measure becomes law across the state. Here are some of the highlights of the successful offering, according to the website at

Adults 21 and older can legally own up to one ounce of marijuana, no more than 5 grams of which is marijuana concentrate.

One person is legally allowed to grow 6 plants at home; 12 systems, if at least two people who are 21 years of age and older live in one apartment.

Edibles are limited to 10 milligrams of THC, the psychoactive chemical in marijuana, per edible and 100 mg per packet of edibles.

The state will issue a “recreational marijuana pharmacy license” to existing medical marijuana facilities which can then be sold to the general public, and it is okay to have a medical pharmacy and a recreational pharmacy in the same location.

In counties without medical marijuana pharmacies, the state will allow two recreational pharmacies. In counties that already have medical outpatient clinics, the state will only allow one new recreational pharmacy.

Using it in public is a minor offense.

If a person under the age of 21 violates the measure, they would be charged with a minor offense and would have to pay a fine and receive four to eight hours of drug counseling for a first or second offense. A third offense would be a criminal offense.

Employers can continue to insist on a drug-free workplace and driving while impaired laws will not be changed.

The Arizona Constitution (Art IV, Part 1, Section 5) states that this new law will come into effect once a majority of voters approve it and the governor issues a proclamation. The constitution is silent about what the governor’s proclamation entails – the governor may simply proclaim that the measure has been approved by a majority of voters.

But even after this proclamation, it will take a while for the government bureaucracy to enact the various rules and regulations that the measure requires, such as: B. Product quality check, licensing records, etc. The measure states that medical marijuana dispensaries can start selling recreational marijuana “On or before April 5, 2021.”

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