Home COVID Test Now Available in Yuma

News 11’s Arlette Yousif finds out how accurate home COVID tests really are

YUMA, Arizona (KYMA, KECY) – COVID testing can now be done in the comfort of your home for about $ 20. Medical device companies that make products such as thermometers and glucose monitors are now selling rapid COVID tests at home.

PCR tests (polymerase chain reaction) are more accurate than rapid tests or antigen tests. However, home tests should be reassured. According to Yuma Regional Medical Center Dr. For Ryan Swapp, this can be problematic.

“That’s great as long as the test is what you think it is. But once it isn’t, it’s really a problem and it can’t help you there because it’s not an accurate test.”

Dr. Swapp recommends a follow-up PCR test, especially if your symptoms are likely due to COVID. He says a loss of taste or smell likely only points to COVID as the culprit.

On Thursday in the early issue of News 11, Arlette Yousif brings us more about the accuracy of antigen testing.

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