Home Grown: Israeli irrigation system comes to Yuma

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) – In today’s Home Grown, an Israeli company is bringing a new irrigation system to Yuma to help local farmers save water.

This field is one of the first in Yuma to use the N-Drip irrigation system powered solely by gravity.

A new way to irrigate, with less water

Thanks to a technology developed in Israel.

The system is designed to tap into any irrigation canal and run a drip system instead of flood system.

Helping farmers save water in the current drought condition.

“Drip irrigation is the most efficient technology to apply water onto a field. A drip system will save a lot of water from the current application via flood,” said Uri Segev, N-Drip VP of Business Development.

This technology created in Israel, is now moving into our Yuma Community, as Israel has a very similar dry climate with little precipitation.

“I would say that Yuma is the older sister of the south part of Israel which is called the Arava which has a very similar weather condition,” said Segev.

Segev says that Israel’s Arava desert is also known for its agriculture.

Mayor of Yuma Doug Nicholls says Yuma has established a relationship with Israel and to be able to continue that in this form, is important for our community.

“N-Drip is part of what we’re going to be focusing on this next year, helping them get settled into a manufacturing facility, hiring more people and really having an impact on the industry and on the use of water in our area, said Mayor Nicholls.

N-drip says they hope more Yuma farmers make the switch to this water saving technology to achieve maximum yield and crop health without wasting resources.

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