How Jedd Fisch changed the look of Tucson

After the head coach of Arizona Football, Jedd Fisch, received a lot of criticism after his hiring, he quickly changed the look of the program.

Throwback to December 23rd when Jedd Fisch was named head coach for Arizona Football. Initially it was a universal decision that resulted in fans and alumni Dave Heeke and Dr. Asked Robert Robbins to resign.

Then Trainer Fisch stepped onto the podium and the rest, as they say, is history. He won the press conference in spades and won even the most ardent fans of Arizona football with relative ease.

He won over alumni by placing calls to keep them updated on what was and will be going on in the program.

Fish appeased fans and alumni by bringing Arizona soccer legends Chuck Cecil and Ricky Hunley to the staff. Then he brought in defensive mastermind Don Brown who, along with Cecil and Hunley, will add some level of toughness to the defense Arizona has longed for.

On the offensive, Brennan Carroll of the Seattle Seahawks came as offensive coordinator, he poached Jimmie Dougherty of Pac-12 South Enemy UCLA to oversee the QBs and direct the passing game, and best of all he went to Tempe and converted Scottie Graham for the good side in the Territorial Cup rivalry.

He then hired one of the country’s top aspiring strength and conditioning coaches from Tuscaloosa in Tyler Owens and made him Wildcats Director of Strength and Conditioning.

Finally, Fisch decided to build more of an operations department for the football program, which is more of a professional structure. He brought in another Wildcat favorite in Brandon Sanders as the coordinator for football alumni and high school relations.

While the process of hiring Fish continues to be criticized by fans, there is growing confidence in the head coach in having a plan for the vicious football program. It’s also amazing how we all wanted something so bad, despising the decision to discontinue fish initially, only to be completely wrong but pleasantly surprised in the process.

As we’ve all seen so far, Coach Fisch has quickly changed everyone’s mind, becoming an alumni and fan favorite while changing the look and feel of Arizona football.

Then it happened … the greatest Arizona football player of all time came home.

As if Fisch needed more evidence that he was committed to developing a championship program in Arizona, he supplied Tedy Bruschi. Tedy was brought home to Tucson to become a Senior Advisor to the Head Football Coach, which enables him to be an asset to everyone within the program and likely to become a great boon for fundraising for the program.

By bringing Bruschi home while allowing him to continue to be the best studio analyst ESPN has for football, Fisch easily gained the fan base and probably bought the time it took to develop the Wildcats into the team, that he imagines.

The hype doesn’t stop with football …

One thing that is very common with Coach Fisch is that he really does take care of the school, despite being part of the University of Arizona since Christmas.

He regularly uses his social media platform to overdo Adia Barnes and the top 10 basketball program for women. He also gave Dave Rubio and the women’s volleyball team earned props after beating the defending National Champions at Stanford over the weekend and even calling out Jessica Castles’ 9.9 performance in gymnastics.

Coach Fisch has preached over and over that “it’s personal” and no one will believe you unless you act on it yourself. Well, Coach, you made me a true believer as your actions and dedication showed why you were ALWAYS the right choice to be the head coach for football at the University of Arizona! As always, Bear Down, Arizona!

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