Humane Society of Yuma Shelter at full capacity

Last month the Humane Society of Yuma received about 745 animals and asks the community to keep their pets safe

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) – The Humane Society of Yuma announces they are at full capacity and ask pet parents to keep their pets safe before leaving home.

The shelter has received 745 animals in total and this last month, 400 animals have been taken in within the first 17 days of June.

Among those animals, 341 are strays and 33 were returned to their owners.

As of December 2021 the shelter started giving out free microchips so that animals won’t be lost anymore.

“We have given out over 1,150 microchips. January through May of 2021 we saw 1,769 stray animals enter the shelter, this year over the same time period the shelter has seen 2,094. I am not sure what more the shelter can do to help the community keep their pets in their homes. It’s frustrating.” says Executive Director Annette Lagunas.

Lagunas urges the community to try help find owners of any stray animals before bringing them to the shelter.

Posting about stray animals on social media is an excellent way for pet owners to find their lost pets and can be efficient.

The Humane Society of Yuma will continue to give out free microchips to anyone in Yuma County and urges pet owners to keep their pets safe and secured, especially with the Fourth of July approaching.

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