Hyundai Tucson 2WD diesel ownership: Experience after 2 months & 1500km

Practically, I am seeing no difference between my VW Ameo DSL Auto and Tucson in terms of fuel consumption.

BHPian Krish Kallapur recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I am writing this update after 2 months of ownership and 1500 km. I bought a diesel 2WD Signature model, Amazon Grey. This post is going to be a bit long. Hope it will be useful to others.

I must say in terms of space and comfort, it is really great. It is a driver’s car and a passenger’s car too.

I did not have any anxious moments in terms of the car performance or ride.

Some owners have expressed the inadequacy of headlights. I have felt that they are just good enough. I never felt that I missed something on the road because of less light while driving.

Noise and vibration level seems to have gone up a touch after 100 km.

Which features I appreciate:

  1. Auto hold – this is very useful in stop-and-go traffic like in Bengaluru, love it!
  2. Steering – amazingly smooth, such a big car, so easy to handle
  3. 360-degree view – very very useful again on narrow roads. It saved many scratches in difficult situations.
  4. Presence on road – I had multiple people asking me about the car and appreciating the looks (even owners of BMW cars!)
  5. Rear seat – my family and friends tell me it is like a club class in Imax!
  6. Mileage – More on it below
  7. Sound system – Very good and easy to operate
  8. Voice command – work well and is very useful
  9. Build feels solid – never felt it is a delicate dolly like other Hyundai cars
  10. Interior lights – many lights, very convenient
  11. Ride quality – very good and adequate enough
  12. Engine and power train – 2L DSL with AT is superb. I have never felt lag or inadequate power

Some cribs:

  1. Only front row windows are one touch. All windows should have been.
  2. The sheet metal and paint job does not feel premium but not bad.
  3. The auto tailgate open feature has been more inconvenient than useful. It opens when not needed.
  4. The rain-sensing wiper has been a bit of hit and miss sometimes.
  5. Sunroof should have been fully opened.
  6. Bonet should have had hydraulic support.
  7. The silver styling on the pillars is a dirt and scratch magnet.
  8. Wireless charger does not charge fast enough and heats up a lot.
  9. No wireless Apple play or android auto.
  10. The breaks squeak a lot (they work well though).
  11. I noticed when the cellular signal is unavailable (like in a basement), the main unit touch screen lagged a bit.
  12. Collision avoidance is very panicky (I agree with other users). They need to give an easy way to turn the auto braking off.
  13. The seats could be a bit softer
  14. Options in the blue link app on my mobile are a bit hit and miss

Now the important one – Mileage

Initially, up to 600 km, it always showed under 6 km/l (Yes!). I was thinking to visit the service. My friend suggested waiting a while (for the opening up of the engine). After 600, everything suddenly changed. On a Sunday, a trip to Planetarium from Mysore Road in Bengaluru with stop-go traffic gave 16 km/l!

On a trip on Mysore Road, I was able to manage 20 km/l driving a tad under 100 km/h. That’s very good for a 2L turbo, I feel. Practically, I am seeing no difference between my VW Ameo DSL Auto and Tucson in terms of fuel consumption. happy me

I drive in Eco mode.

I had multiple calls from Hyundai Motors and Trident Hyundai taking feedback on sales and ownership experience. That makes me feel Hyundai is keen on Tucson users.

There was confusion about 1st service. I got a message to service it at 1000 or 2 months which ever is earlier. Then they clarified it was a wrong message. It is for 1 year / 10K

There is a Hyundai Mobility App and membership as well. The app doesn’t work though, it didn’t even register my car.

Hope this review is useful. Will write one more at 5K.

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