“I Could Have Die”: An injury leaves Tucson Sugar Skulls’ Cam Gaddis out of sugar skull indefinitely

“Not knowing where the receiver was, I just tried to reach out my arms and catch it and I guess my whole chest opened up when I was blown up,” said Gaddis. “When I was hit, I knew something was wrong because I couldn’t breathe. I got the wind out of me and said, “I can’t breathe.” So a coach comes over to check on me and I am the competitive soccer player that I am. I can’t just leave the game because the wind blew me away. ”

Gaddis played the remainder of the second half, leading the Sugar Skulls in tackles (five), forced fumbling (one), and pass separations (one).

When the adrenaline subsided after the game, Gaddis knew he was in trouble.

“It was the worst pain I’ve ever had in my entire life. My ribs hurt and I knew something was wrong, ”said Gaddis.

He made matters worse by accompanying his teammates on the plane.

“The doctor said it was very dangerous to get on that plane and go through that air pressure with my lungs, and now I can’t fly for two more months,” he said.

The injury and long recovery have forced 28-year-old Gaddis to think about his future. The native Tucson is married and has two daughters.

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