Increase the Ok-12 partnership with the University of Phoenix to address the teacher shortage crisis

The high quality, live stream teaching brand provides online teaching opportunities for University of Phoenix students who are struggling to secure observation lessons and experiences amid COVID-19.

CHICAGO, February 9, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – The live streaming education brand Elevate K-12 bridges the gap between the best teachers and the schools that need them most by enabling educators to teach dedicated live classes from anywhere in the world . In line with its mission to address the country’s teacher shortage amid COVID-19, Elevate K-12 is partnering with University of Phoenix Providing online teaching opportunities for undergraduate teachers that the university offers each semester across the country.

“We have to University of Phoenix looking for ways we can work together to help student teachers, “said Elevate K-12, chief operating officer Kim Kross. “On average this is University of Phoenix There are around 800 teacher training students per semester, and on top of that, they have thousands more earning their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education. The prerequisites for achieving these degrees are to complete a series of observation hours and accumulate hours of instruction. With COVID-19 this has become increasingly difficult and schools do not know how to accommodate this in a remote setting. This is where we come in. “

Elevate K-12 will streamline that process by connecting student teacher trainees with the most qualified educators in the country through the brand’s Elevate Live® technology. Elevate Live® transforms traditional classrooms into state-of-the-art, live-streamed classrooms, giving teachers all the tools they need to deliver vibrant and impactful lessons and to engage with students directly and personally.

“We’re helping to control a program University of Phoenix student teachers through our virtual classroom, “said Kross.” Through this partnership, University of Phoenix Students looking to take advantage of online educational opportunities have a lead. For students who want to meet their teaching requirements but do not want to go to class, we can use our system and network of qualified teachers. “

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“The University of Phoenix The College of Education is very excited to partner with Elevate K-12, “he said Pamela Roggeman, Ed.D., Dean of the University of Phoenix Pedagogical College. “Elevate K-12 has come up with an innovative way to address the teacher shortage across the country by placing virtual, certified educators in hard-to-fill classrooms The United Statesand our candidate teachers want to be part of this innovation that improves local school communities! “

As a participant in this program, the school partner will be assigned an Elevate K-12 mentoring teacher. This is the highest designation for educators that Elevate K-12 has in its system and that is reserved for the top 10% of the teaching pool. Through the University of Phoenix In partnership, the student teacher is assigned to the Elevate K-12 program for a 12-week teaching assignment for four hours per day. For the first six weeks of the program, they will watch the Elevate K-12 mentor teacher in action, learning from them, getting to know the students, and understanding the online classroom environment. During the second six weeks, the student teacher takes over the lessons and is observed and coached by the mentor teacher who is in the classroom the entire time the student teacher teaches. The mentor teacher gives the student teacher daily input and guidance.

“During these 12 weeks, the school essentially gets the best teacher we have, along with a second teacher in the classroom at no additional cost,” said Kross. “Elevate K-12 is also involved University of Phoenix Providing opportunities for classroom observation to help student teachers complete their clinical lessons, which can be very difficult in the current COVID environment. Elevate K-12 provides student teacher training with videos in the classroom so they can analyze the methodology and see what a great classroom looks like without having to be in the actual classroom. “

As America’s teacher shortage hits crisis levels, Elevate K-12 and die University of Phoenix will also work together to provide a solution for schools suffering from a shortage of talented, passionate and certified teachers.

“We are doing our part to overcome the teacher shortage The United States by partnering with University of Phoenix Career fairs that highlight our brand for graduated teachers who may be looking for virtual classroom opportunities, “said Kross.” Teaching must be a vocation of choice for the younger generation and we are doing everything we can to ensure it does. The teacher pipeline is full of qualified educators. “

Kross concluded: “The University of Phoenix is passionate about advancing education by helping future teachers find the careers they want. Our goal at Elevate K-12 is to improve education in a way that students, schools, parents and educators themselves can benefit from. For us to be able to work with an institution like that University of Phoenix is an amazing first step in making sure we have talented educators across generations. “

About Elevate K-12
Elevate K-12 is a Chicago-based educational technology company providing high quality live streaming teaching in K-12 classrooms. Schools and counties are partnering with Elevate K-12’s unique teaching solution to address the problems of teacher shortages, overuse of long-term replacement workers, or poor quality teachers. The tech-enabled service includes proprietary Live Instructional Management technology, Live Instruction Service, curriculum and classroom management to provide the tools necessary for collaborative teaching and learning that mimick the experience of a real, physical classroom. Elevate K-12 currently operates in 11 states and is rapidly expanding into new states in the United States in K-12 schools. More information is available at Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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