Indigenous organizers will drive turnout to elect candidates who will fight for abortion rights

Tabling with team members in Kayenta, AZ

Hello Family, Friends and Supporters!

I’ve dedicated a lot of my time over the past few years, mobilizing and uplifting rural and indigenous communities, and in honor of that work, for my birthday, please consider becoming a member of our Circle of Friends for $5 a month or, if you are able, $25 a month Matriarchs’ Circle. Help support democracy and ensure communities like mine are engaged and informed. Too many times our regions are left out and that is why I am so committed to building a better party in northeast Arizona. We deserve better.


The news from SCOTUS and their intention to overturn Roe is also weighing heavy on my mind and makes this request all that more urgent. I am proud to be a part of the Northeast Arizona Native Democrats coalition who are taking innovative approaches to community organizing and are committed to electing Democrats who will codify abortion rights. We will not allow an unelected conservative majority on the Supreme Court have the last say on abortion rights in our county and state.

Hopi Family Votes Matriarchs Mother’s Day Celebration.

Our dedicated team of organizers and volunteers worked hard to win elections in 2020. Gave back to communities and were present throughout 2021, and this year, are registering even more voters and will get them to the polls in November. All of this work is being done despite the voter suppression bills already signed or the many more that are being pushed by extremists in our state.

We are here to stop them, and with only 6 months left until the midterm elections the Northeast Arizona Native Democrats is the only field team on the ground, organizing on sovereign lands in Arizona. Indigenous and rural voters are crucial to securing a win for Mark Kelly and holding the Senate majority, but even more important our voters can re-elect Tom O’Halleran in Congressional District 2. Arizona CD-02 is a must win if Democrats are to hold the house majority. Without a majority in the House and Senate, protecting any of our rights from extremists sitting on the Supreme Court, in state legislatures, or Congress will be that much harder.

Roughly 22% of the voters in AZ CD-02 are Indigenous and we need a huge turnout to overcome the shift to the right that came as a result of redistricting. This is where rural and indigenous voters can help secure election wins. Our team of local experts, who are citizens of three sovereign Tribal Nations, are key to leading these efforts. They have in-depth cultural, political, and local knowledge that will engage and mobilize communities. Having authentic relationships like this can drive turnout, but we need more help.

Team planning meeting in 2021.

Northeast Arizona Native Democrats is a year-round, deep canvassing campaign dedicated to registering more voters, getting people to the polls, educating voters on the ballot, electing more Democrats down ballot, and building a bench of Native and rural candidates to run in 2024 and beyond.

Arizona is a battleground state where there will be razor thin margins of victory. Our team knows that investing in direct voter contact is critical to getting people to the polls. Which is why 85% of our budget goes to paying team members to be in the field doing the work every day. We are not a national campaign and we do not have a hefty budget, but instead we are a strong dedicated local grassroots campaign made up of concerned rural and tribal voters.

The majority (95%) of our funding comes from individual donors like you and we are grateful for your faith in grassroots organizing and the power of authentic direct voter contact. For my birthday, consider chipping in $5/month or $25/month to expand our field team ahead of the 2022 elections, and beyond.

Thanks so much to all of you for your support!

Missa Foy

chairs Navajo County Democrats

Some of our mutual aid and community service projects.


Checks may also be mailed to: Navajo County Democrats PO Box 144, Lakeside, AZ 85929 (928) 224-8021

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