“Institutional racism and sexism are present in the VMI, are tolerated and not addressed,” says the newly published 152-page report

LEXINGTON, Virginia. – What took months is now complete.

On Tuesday, Barnes & Thornburg LLP released the final report of its special investigation team on the Equity and Investigation of Racism at the Virginia Military Institute.

“This research showed that institutional racism and sexism are present, tolerated and not addressed in the VMI,” states page 8 of the report.

While the report does not recommend abolishing VMI’s core policies, practices, and traditions, including the Code of Ethics and the Rat Line, it does recommend that VMI leadership consider how to create an environment that is free of detriment or differential impact on minorities .

In detail, the report recommended the following 8 measures:

  1. Keep the responsibility

  2. Improving diversity in leadership and in the corps

  3. Monitor and adapt institutions and traditions

  4. Weaken associations between VMI and the Civil War and the Confederation

  5. Actively addressing racist, sexist, and other unacceptable language and behaviors

  6. Promote reporting and transparency

  7. Recognize and celebrate other cultures

  8. Addressing tension between athletes and non-athletes

This story will be updated as we continue reading the report.


Governor Ralph Northam, a VMI graduate, and other nationwide executives made this joint statement following the report’s release:

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