Internet Exclusive: Governor Doug Ducey Discusses Bringing Vaccines to Yuma County

YUMA, Arizona (KYMA, KECY) – In an exclusive interview with News 11’s Crystal Jimenez, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey said 55% of Arizona residents want the COVID-19 vaccine.

Getting it to everyone, especially Yuma County, wasn’t easy, however.

Vaccination centers continue to expand across Arizona. Just last week, Governor Ducey’s office announced that a million people in Arizona had been vaccinated.

However, the fight for more vaccines remains in Yuma County.

Governor Ducey explains how he’s trying to get more vaccines into rural areas like Yuma County.

In the meantime, the governor spoke about the importance of bringing vaccine teachers to the top. So that schools open up faster.

The governor said there should be children in the classroom. But there are still families who do not like to send their child back.

The Arizona State Prison Complex in Yuma was also hit during the pandemic. With 2,005 inmates tested positive so far, almost half of the inmates were in the Yuma complex.

Governor Ducey said he was in contact with the Corrections Department on what they are doing in prison to stop the spread. Even discuss a plan to vaccinate staff and inmates soon.

The governor said the vaccine is the path to a promising return to normal. However, he urges the Arizonans not to lose their vigilance and still follow the necessary guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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