Invincible comic book artist reveals the one side he’ll never sell

Invincible comic book artist Ryan Ottley has revealed the one side he illustrated that he will never sell despite its compromised condition.

Invincible comic book artist Ryan Ottley has revealed the one side he illustrated that he will never sell despite its compromised condition. While he has created many iconic images of Robert Kirkman’s title superhero, there is only one piece of art he is reluctant to give away.

Ottley has been drawing Invincible for Image Comics since the first editions, and later working on The Amazing Spider-Man for Marvel in 2018. For fans of the animated series adaptation on Amazon Prime, it is his definitive art style that is on-screen. He attracted treason Omni-Man, his confrontation with Invincible, and many more integral scenes throughout the series. While he is ready to part with some of his artwork, there is one holdover that is too important to him.

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Through a tweet recently shared by Ryan Ottley, he revealed that there is an original piece of invincible art that he’ll never get rid of, namely a page his young son drew in red felt-tip pen. He explained that it wasn’t because the page was ruined, but because it had been made a sentimental memento of that time in his life.

Is there one side of Invincible that I would never get rid of? Yes there are many, but that is the most important thing that I would keep forever. My then 3 year old son helped me draw this page with a red marker when I left the drawing table for a few minutes. Gah!

– RYAN OTTLEY (@RyanOttley) June 5, 2021

Ottley went on to say that this page was still being used as page 19 in Invincible # 45, with the help of Photoshop to get rid of the red marker ink. On his Twitter thread, he wrote, “I hate redrawing a page, so I just finished the page and then spent hours in Photoshop removing the red that smeared the black ink on the page. Always lock your art room door! Free Ottley tip for artists staying at home. ”Though Ottley sold his works of art from the invincible, This is a valuable asset that he will keep for the rest of his life and will likely pass on to his son. At the top of the page, he even credited himself as an artist along with his son.

Ottley received many responses from fans and fellow artists sharing their stories about how they can relate to their own children. It’s even funnier when you consider how violent and mature the series is known to be. Ottley’s son knew the madman who Omni-Man really is, whom he had drawn everywhere. There’s a funny irony about the integral father-son dynamic of the Row between Invincible and Omni-Manwho also have the same job.

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