Irrigation system new to Yuma relies on gravity

Six months ago, Woodman Citrus Farm in Yuma installed a gravity-powered micro irrigation system in its citrus fields.

The system uses the same infrastructure as the common flood irrigation system but requires no external energy source or pressure-based water filtration.

N-Drip is the product of a company from Israel that has expanded into Arizona. Company officials say the technology provides precise irrigation that allows farmers to produce higher yields using less water and saving money.

Uri Segev is vice president of business development for N-Drip USA.

“Here in Yuma the problem, in Arizona I would say, is the same problem of the water levels going down and we’re looking at a water scarcity future,” Segev told KAWC.

Segev and Yuma Mayor Doug Nicholls said the company hopes to open a facility in Yuma before the end of this year. The company looks to expand its services from Wellton to the Yuma Valley.

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