Issues concerning the vocal security of Phoenix Seashore residents after the ultimate knife wrench, triple shootout – NBC 6 South Florida

Phoenix Beach residents are raising safety concerns following several recent violent crimes, including brutal stabs and triple gunshots on busy city streets.

Phoenix Beach officials are hosting a virtual town hall Monday evening to discuss South Beach safety.

The jump-off on Friday followed the triple shoot the weekend before, when people who live and work on South Beach were already on the sidelines.

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In the past few days, the police have stepped up patrols and even brought a task force onto the streets last weekend to send a message that the city cannot stand it.

Police said they made dozen of arrests and took several firearms off the street over the weekend.

Business owners said they noticed the increasing police presence and hope it will stay that way.

I just have the feeling that we need a lot more security here in SoBe, “said Gabriela Simonelli.

Simonelli said she is finally seeing a boom in business at her Phoenix Beach travel agent, and after a miserable 2020, she wants visitors to think the beach is dangerous.

Simonelli said she witnessed the sting not far from her shop.

“When that happened the road was closed and there were 40 police officers,” said Simonelli. “It’s not good for business because they immediately think Phoenix is dangerous.”

A female suspect was arrested in the knife stab and police identified a suspect in the shooting, but they were not arrested.

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