“It’s a dream come true,” said Yuma local who is producing a feature film

A Yuma local is set to show a premiere of his upcoming film

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA. KECY) – Jonathan Lee Porter is well known in Yuma, some have even described him as being “awesome”. He’s been seen on television, heard on the radio and he’s no stranger on social media.

“It’s a dream come true,” says Porter about his opportunity to produce a feature film. According to Porter the creator of the series The Bern Notice reached out to him to produce the upcoming film version of the series.

Currently, the series is run on Amazon Prime and they’re currently looking for vendors and streaming services to run the movie.

Porter says that he’s always wanted to make it to Hollywood, but doesn’t want to move there. Producing the upcoming movie is the highlight of a long promoting career.

Porter is known for his eagerness to help others and in Porter-fashion he plans on doing just that this Saturday at the premiere.

The Red Moon Ale House will debut the movie at 8 pm on Saturday, May 14. The event is free and Porter encourages any present of future filmmakers to come out for a special Q & A session.

Bern Notice follows the adventures of Bern and his grandson. The movie like the series is rated for mature adults and is in the same genre as the series South Park and Family Guy.

According to Porter the film has received positive feedback and has been recognized by the film community.

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