Janelle Brown triggers rumors about the self-construction with the video of the Coyote Pass, and fans react

Janelle Brown shared a video of the property on Coyote Pass while their rental is for sale. Is she building her house? Image Credit: TLC

Janelle Brown of Sister Wives has shared a video of the family property at Coyote Pass in Flagstaff, and some fans are wondering if she’s going to build a new home.

Earlier this week it was reported that Janelle’s rental home in Flagstaff was up for sale, which means Kody Brown’s second wife has some decisions to make.

If Janelle cannot buy the house, she will likely be forced to leave the rental property once it is sold. She would have to find a new place to live for herself and the three children who were still at home, Garrison, Gabriel and Savanah.

During the previous season of Sister Wives, Kody revealed that the reason they hadn’t broken land at Coyote Pass was because they didn’t have the money.

To move?  Sisters star Janelle Brown could make an important decision as reports have surfaced that her rental home in Flagstaff, Arizona has been put up for sale.  Elle elle Janelle's monthly rent of $ 2,900 is on the market for $ 699,000.  Details - including the listing - on our # linkinbio.⁠ 📸 (📸: TLC) ⁠ ------------ ⁠ #schwesterfrauen #janellebrown #meribrown #TLC #kodybrown #sisterwivestlc #realitytv #realitytvdrama #realitytvshows #explorepage #tv # entertainment # sister woman⁠ #polygamy #sisterwivestlc #tlcnetwork #lifechanges #moving #bigdecisions #rental

To move? Sisters star Janelle Brown could make an important decision as reports have surfaced that her rental home in Flagstaff, Arizona has been put up for sale

Janelle’s $ 2,900 monthly rent is on the market for $ 699,000. Details – including the listing – under our # linkinbio.⁠

(📸: DC) ⁠
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Even after Christine shared the exciting news that her Vegas home was finally sold, Kody subdued the situation when he revealed their financial setbacks to his wives and revealed that they couldn’t afford to start building their property .

On Thursday evening, Janelle shared a panoramic video of the family property with mountains and blue skies in the background while she twirled her camera to reveal the view.

Janelle titled her video: “I never get tired of the view [two heart eyes emojis] “

Janelle’s followers responded to the star’s video

“Why don’t you just take double-width trailers and save on rent? [shrugging emoji]”Asked one of Janelle’s followers.

Janelle Brown from Sister Wives on InstagramJanelle replied to a fan who asked about double wides on their property. Photo credit: @ janellebrown117 / Instagram

Janelle replied: “Ours [county] has pretty strict building regulations. We cannot place mobile homes etc. on the property, ”she explained.

Other Janelle fans had questions about the events at Coyote Pass

“None of them are there? What a waste of money, ”said one commentator.

Janelle Brown from Sister Wives on InstagramFans thought the Browns property was a waste of money. Photo credit: @ janellebrown117 / Instagram

A fan of the show feared that Kody would move his family again: “I’m afraid Kody will move them again [yikes emoji] before they can do it again. He moves a lot. Would love to see them build[.]”

Other fans thought Christine and Meri would have their own plans when it came to where they live.

Janelle Brown from Sister Wives on InstagramSome fans thought the women would split up at some point. Photo credit: @ janellebrown117 / Instagram

“Why do I have a feeling Christine and Meri are going to Utah … and you and Robyn are staying in AZ …?” asked another of Janelle’s followers.

Another fan responded to the comment, feeling that Janelle and Kody’s marriage is purely business: “Looks like he sees Janelle as a good friend, not a loving woman. Robyn destroyed the family with her low-key, shitty demeanor[.]”

The family has been separated more than ever since moving to Flagstaff

Until Kody and his wives take a step to build on their property, the women and their children each live separately. Janelle and Meri both rent out their houses, while Christine and Robyn own theirs.

Christine was a staunch advocate of the family withdrawal to Utah, but her idea met with opposition from her daughters and sisters.

Janelle told followers earlier this year that despite the setbacks viewers have seen over the past seasons, her children are now loving their new home in Flagstaff.

Moving always seems to be on the table for the Browns, and as often as they’ve moved before, it wouldn’t be too surprising if it happened again.

Sister Women is currently on hiatus.

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