Judge Allen Page recertifies as a Magisterial District Judge | news

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – – Lycoming district According to the Pennsylvania Court Administration (AOPC), the Magisterial District Judge Allen P. Page III was re-certified as a member of the Pennsylvania Judiciary after successfully completing an ongoing legal education. I did.

The one-week Magisterial District Judge (MDJ) training program, run by the Minor Judiciary Board of Education (MJEB) and AOPC, provides various legal topics the MDJ needs to justify a case. And management techniques are designed to keep you up to date. Effectively oversee the district court.

This year’s curriculum includes an update to the Pennsylvania Auto Code. Landlord / tenant law; Drug and alcoholism, treatment and recovery; Citizenship; Ethical review; Computer and remote access to the Magisterial District judging system. Bail and indictment; Criminal law and procedure; Game code; Dealing with bombs and suspicious packages; Notary law; Linking Judgment and Behavioral Health; Leadership blind spot meeting.

Continuing education courses are required by law for more than 500 Pennsylvania MDJs, with approximately 50 MDJs attending one of 14 such courses during each academic year.

The MDJ represents the basic level of the Pennsylvania judicial system. The county outside of Philadelphia handles summaries, criminal cases, auto cases, landlord / renter matters, and other civil litigation involving less than $ 12,000. The MDJ is also responsible for issuing arrest warrants and search warrants, as well as conducting prosecutions and preliminary negotiations in criminal matters.

Prior to the appointment or election of judges, judges and judges in the provinces, certain basic requirements such as citizenship and place of residence must be met. In addition, all judges, with the exception of the Magisterial District Judge, must be members of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

Judge Page ran for President on May 16, 2017 to serve the Magisterial District 29-1-02 east of Williamsport. The Judges page retired in 2019, but I will continue to fill in as a Senior Judge if necessary.

He graduated from Indiana University, Pennsylvania, and graduated from the University of Arizona and Ohio State University.

Page received the SCJAP Themis Award for life’s work as a district judge and was a member of the board of directors of the judges’ association of the state-wide districts.

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Judge Allen Page recertifies as a Magisterial District Judge | news

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