KBTK / Flagstaff AZ adds new frequency 107.9 in Prescott

KBTK / Flagstaff AZ adds new frequency 107.9 in Prescott


Stone Canyon Media News / Talk KBTK-FM (97.1 The Big Talker) in Flagstaff, AZ adds a new frequency in Prescott, AZ to expand its coverage with K246AA at 107.9 FM. The new transmitter, located on Badger Mountain overlooking downtown Prescott, will increase the reliability of the signal and the availability of the national talk radio format to a growing audience.

Stone Canyon Media Market Manager Mike Jensen said, “This is very exciting for all of us. This expansion gives the people in the Prescott area another way to discover our station and hear our lineup to have 97.1 FM, the great speaker to expand its frequency to 107.9 FM makes us the greatest News / talk network in Northern Arizona. This is great news for listeners and advertisers looking to expand their reach. ”

KBTK-FM’s weekly line-up on national talk radio includes Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and the newly launched Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show that followed the late Rush Limbaugh. KBTK also offers one of the only locally produced talk radio shows in Northern Arizona, the Jeff Oravits Show, hosted by businessman and former Flagstaff councilor Jeff Oravits.

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