Kody Brown complains that his wives want more “autonomy” in New Sneak Peek

Kody Brown and his four wives (Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn Brown) recently returned to TLC for the season premiere of Sister Wives on February 14th. And it looks like the divisions in the polygamistic family are bigger than ever.

In a fresh look at the upcoming episode of Sister Wives on February 21, the Browns visit their friend Joe Darger, a fundamentalist Mormon polygamist, and his three wives – Vicki, Valerie and Alina Darger – in Utah. Their Arizona road trip starts off rocky and results in Kody and his wives arguing over the ongoing problem of living together in a home.

The Brown Family of ‘Sister Wives’ | Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Kody and Christine’s reasoning reflects their disagreement over a house

Kody and his third wife Christine struggled to get along last season after the family moved to Flagstaff, Arizona, and bought a joint property called Coyote Pass.

Kody dreamed of having all four women and their many children together in one house on the property. But Christine was firmly against the idea, citing her story of jealousy with her sisters about her relationships with Kody. Her patent denial of living under the same roof with her sister wives again created a huge rift in her marriage to Kody.

A new preview clip of Sister Wives on TLC’s official Instagram shows that this season 15 Brown household argument is far from over.

At first sight, Kody, Christine and his fourth wife are hastily packing Robyn into a car to visit the Dargers in Utah. Christine argues that Kody packed way too much for all four women to fit in one vehicle. But Kody’s response seems to repeat their lingering conflict over the idea of ​​”one home”.

“We’ll take two cars based on the luggage,” Christine tells Kody.

“Stop trying to take two cars,” Kody replies, making it clear that he’s tired of hearing about his wives’ desire for more independence. “Stop it now. I don’t even listen to this. Yeah, I know everyone wants their autonomy – autonomy, autonomy.” I don’t want to sit with her all day. “It’s just – ugh.”

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Robyn Brown fears the road trip could quickly turn sideways

The look of the sister wives also makes it clear that the Brown family does not operate as a unit.

Before Robyn picks up Meri and Janelle, she tells Lifetime producers that she’s not sure the sisters and Kody will even make it through the Utah road trip without an argument. They haven’t spent much time together since moving to Flagstaff and are often uncomfortable.

“I think driving together could go both ways,” says Kody’s fourth wife nervously. “It could be really great and connect. Or it could be really stressful and it could be tough and dramatic and awkward. “

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A flat tire brings Christine and Kody’s problems to the surface

Another key is in the Browns’ plans to head to Utah when Kody notices a flat tire that needs immediate attention.

Christine argues again that separate cars might be the best option if they plan to get to their destination on time. But Kody doesn’t have it – and he takes it as a sign of something deeper.

“She’s just antagonistic,” Kody tells the producers of Sister Wives. “She obviously doesn’t want to travel together. She obviously wants to take her own car. “

Kody and Christine’s marital problems seem to worsen over the course of Sister Wives’ 15th season. At some point Christine even says to Meri that she “doesn’t want to marry Kody anymore”. So it looks like the Browns will surely have cut their job out for them if they are to reunite as a family unit.

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