Kody Brown has made it clear that only one of his wives is his real partner

Kody Brown has made it clear that he is no longer advocating polygamy. Even so, the sister wives star claims he was devoted to his own family. The fans are not entirely convinced. In fact, they believe the majority of the disputes in the Brown family are directly related to the fact that Kody appears to consider only one of his wives to be his partner. The current living situation of the family seems to prove this.

Kody’s reluctance to build on Coyote Pass seems to suggest he’s not interested in getting in touch with the whole family

When Kody moved his entire family to Flagstaff, Arizona, they planned to build several houses on lots they had bought outside of town. Although they loved the property, there were no apartments in it. The Browns decided to divide the land into separate lots to build an individual home for each woman.

The stars of ‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Kody Brown, Christine Brown and Robyn Brown | Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

The family has yet to break new ground, and now Kody seems reluctant to do so. While he could likely sell the land for a profit, the reluctance to build has angered viewers. Some fans firmly believe that Kody has no desire to bond with all of his family. They think the family patriarch only sees Robyn Brown as his true partner.

Fans also noticed the discrepancy between Janelle and Robyn’s homes

To make it even clearer, Kody has heavily prioritized which of his wives gets the most beautiful house. Robyn and Kody bought a home worth nearly $ 1 million. The purchase came after the family bought the Coyote Pass property. The large accommodation is stunning and it seems that Kody spends most of his time there.

Janelle Brown, who still has a few children at home, seemed to get the smallest rental property. Even Meri, an empty nest, rented a large four-bedroom house. While Janelle is certainly the least demanding of Kody’s four women, her small rental property is in stark contrast to Robyn’s purchased house and even the rental property Meri lives in during the brief moments she appears to be in Flagstaff.

Will Kody ever reveal that he wants to be monogamous with Robyn at Sister Wives?

If fans hope that at some point the Brown family will drop the farce and go their separate ways, that seems unlikely. Meri and Kody’s marriage has been in ruins since 2015. The couple freely admitted that they are not in love with each other. They have also shown that they have been largely apart for years. Why are they holding up the bill?

Fans assume the Brown family will stay together as long as TLC wears their show, Sister Wives. Once the show is canceled, they strongly suspect the family will disperse and move in different directions. Both Christine Brown and Meri appear interested in returning to Utah. Robyn seems intent on staying in Flagstaff. Janelle’s plans are a little less clear.

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