Ladies’s march in Tucson for equality

FORT MYERS, Fl. – The third annual Tucson Women’s March for Equality begins Saturday morning.

The local march is part of the state and national marches that take place every January.

This year the event will be virtual due to increasing COVID-19 cases and security concerns due to the riots in Washington, DC.

Despite the change, organizers still look forward to raising awareness of issues in the community, including affordable health care.

“We need to keep talking about health care until we get health care,” said Susan McGuire, communications coordinator for the SWFL women’s march.

Mcguire says the current system is flawed. The majority of Americans who work as teachers or accountants get a health insurance plan through their employer. But this system often leaves small business owners on their own.

McGuire says this causes her life partner, who owns a small business, to deal with high premiums and co-payments.

“His premiums for regular Florida Blue are $ 1,950 a month! One month! Yet he still has deductibles and co-pays. This isn’t even affordable health care,” says McGuire.

So she will practically march tomorrow. McGuire believes our country can use its experience of Covid-19 to make healthcare affordable for everyone, from babies to older adults.

“If we can give taxpayer-funded COVID vaccinations, why can’t we give taxpayer-funded vaccinations to children? We have shown that we have the power to do these things. We just lack the political will,” McGuire says .

The women’s march starts at 10 a.m. and ends at 12 p.m. You can register here to get free access to the event.

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