Leaked screenshots from Google Android 12 show a dedicated privacy web page, iOS-like design: Report

Google’s next version for Android, Android 12, is already in development. Before the developer preview, the leaks started. A new report from XDA showed some new screenshots from a supposedly early Android 12 build showing what a completely redesigned user interface looks like. In addition, the new update looks like Android has adopted some hints from Apple’s iOS 14.

This was unlike most of the recent Android updates, where changes were mostly made under the hood and didn’t change much in terms of graphics. The last biggest visual change was observed between Android 4 and Android 5 when Google’s Material Design was first implemented. However, the new Android 12 screenshots in the report suggest that the new update could bring about significant visual changes.

In addition to redesigned icons, pastel colors, new dialog boxes and fuzzy elements, the new changes also indicate an increased focus on privacy.

The new status bar in the screenshots can be displayed as unique symbols when certain functions such as the camera, microphone or the location of the phone are used by an app. Tapping this indicator will also show which app is using the feature. A new page with data protection settings in Android 12 now acts as a single point of contact where all these functions related to hardware components can be deactivated.

That being said, in the screenshots, you’ll see a redesigned notification bar where the quick swaps now look minimal while showing pastel-like colors on the UI. The transparent elements of previous Android versions now seem to have disappeared. When expanding, only four quick setting switches are visible instead of six, which is another similarity to iOS.

The conversation section in the notifications is still separate from the rest of the notifications, which now look more rounded. While the report mentions that the screenshots are from a trusted source, they are not directly verified by Google.

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