Letter to the editor: ‘Curtis’ brings politics to the comic side

I just read today’s comic “Curtis” (September 9, page B6). Topic: masking vs. not masking. I believe that “comics” imply something light and humorous. When this comic replaced Mark Trail, I was in favor of the change for several reasons. The “Curtis” flick was a nice change. However, it turns into something that isn’t cute, humorous, or entertaining.

If the author wants to make company comments, he should write them and we will read them on the opinion page. This is where “Doonesbury” finally landed.

Anyway, I look forward to reading the comics to start my day on an easy and positive note. To widen the divide this country is currently experiencing on the comics side, the gap is widening.

There’s nothing funny about the way people treat each other right now!

I hope today’s Curtis is an anomaly.

Steven C. Pomelov

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