Letter to the Editor: State treasurer vote important this election cycle | letters

Election Day is less than two months away, with early voting in Coconino County beginning on Oct. 12. If you care about the existential threat of climate change, then it’s crucial to vote for State Senator Martin Quezada (D), who is challenging incumbent Kimberly Yee (R), for the position of Arizona state treasurer.

Historically, this race has been a sleeper. But this year is very different. The two candidates have opposing views on ESG, a framework for evaluating the Environmental, Social, and Governance impacts of businesses on society. Environmental factors include, but are not limited to, direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions, stewardship over natural resources, and resiliency against climate risks such as flooding and fires. Investment managers factor ESG data into their decision-making. It is a critical part of their risk management responsibilities.

Treasurer Yee opposes using ESG factors in managing risk and making investment and financial decisions for Arizona, arguing that ESG factors are not financial. Candidate Quezada, on the other hand, believes that ESG factors, such as those related to climate change, are indeed financial and can be used to assess material financial risks. At this critical juncture, we strongly urge a vote for Martin Quezada for state treasurer because we need someone in this position who believes that managing risk includes recognizing that climate change is a real economic threat. The evidence of this in Flagstaff, Coconino County and across the world compounds daily.

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