Letter to the Editor: Three (sarcastic) cheers for the Forest Service | letters

As a longtime Flagstaff/Coconino County resident, I am sending this open letter to the US Forest Service. Congratulations! Three cheers for you! If your forest management goal was to wreak havoc in the community with costly (monetary, as well as loss of property to the fire and to subsequent flooding, and the added emotional and financial stress to individuals who now have to deal with expensive flood insurance and , for some, flood damage to their homes and property) consequences of this past June’s completely unnecessary man-caused wildfire — you have succeeded beyond your wildest dreams!

Countless voices called for forest closure following the disastrous wildfire in April of this year due to the ongoing and pervasive drought conditions plaguing our forest. We were ignored. Granted, the majority of us do not have degrees in forest management, but we have life experience of living in the Coconino National Forest that informs our common sense and tells us when situations are untenable and dangerous.

Your lack of a proactive response to the foreseeable outcome of the forest conditions has created a long-term disaster for this city and county. It is absolutely heartbreaking! Where once we looked forward to the monsoon with joy, now it brings anxiety and fear to the hundreds of families downstream of the uncontrolled runoff of the burn scars.

Shame on you! Let us only hope that your response to similar forest conditions in future will reflect an effort on your part to learn from your mistakes as there is no proof of this to date.

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