Letter: Who wants to go to Flagstaff? | The Verde Independent


Verde Valley residents’ health care is at risk. People in the Verde Valley are facing a very severe reduction in the health care available to us, and we need to face the problem and try to be heard.

How would you like to face going to Flagstaff when you are sick or need hep? Cn you picture an elderly person doing that? (Or anyone?)

A recent letter to the editor written by Tom Taylor was excellent. His letter spelled out the face that NAH was in the process of downsizing their Verde Valley health care and intends to spend a lot of money on Flagstaff health care. Tom was a member of the Verde Valley Medical Center board for 27 years, and he knows what he is talking about.

Interim NAH CEO Josh Tinkle has his hands full trying to make excuses for lack of staff causing inadequate medical care available at NAH facilities in the Verde Valley. Contrary to Tinkle’s words, it is happening.

NAH health care has been reduced over the past few years. Many doctors and nurses have left NAH or retired due to their treatment and NAH controls and practices.

The Verde Valley is growing fast, and the health care needs are increasing. NAH needs to consider increasing their health care in the Verde Valley – not continue decreasing it.

Bob Burness

Camp Verde

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