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Romy Murphy keeps Pink Jeeps going at the Grand Canyon.

Romy Murphy had a plan to work at the historic El Tovar Hotel on the south rim of the Grand Canyon and eventually drive downhill to Phantom Ranch for six years to work.

Murphy, who claims two titles, general manager of the Pink Jeep Tours Grand Canyon and president of the Grand Canyon Chamber of Commerce, says working at Phantom Ranch taught her some good lessons.

“Besides being a great place to work, I learned a lot of great things as a kitchen manager at Phantom Ranch,” said Murphy. “Living with the people you work with makes you a better person. You had to get along, and if you don’t, you would have to figure out how to avoid each other, which is impossible. So you learn to get along with each other. “

The Phantom Ranch is located at the base of the Grand Canyon on Bright Angel Creek and is the only accommodation in the Canyon. The ranch has around 20 or fewer employees.

Murphy was born in Holyoke, Massachusetts and worked as a pastry chef at El Tovar for two summers. One of her fondest memories was working a full shift and after riding her bike to the South Kaibab Trailhead, hike down to Phantom Ranch to swim and then hike back up. “I was a young puppy then; It took two and a half hours to get down and about the same to hike out. “

After two summers, Murphy left the Grand Canyon and returned home to work in the food industry. “My brother went to cookery school and helped me get a few jobs. I worked at the Charles Hotel. When the pastry chef left to start a catering company, I followed him. “

During her “Adventure Years” Murphy found her way back to Arizona after stopping over in Florida and Salt Lake City. She found work at Biff’s Bagels (now in Flagstaff, then in Prescott) and then became a kitchen manager at Mile High Grill (now Clinkscale) in Jerome.

Today she leads the Grand Canyon Pink Jeep Tours, which employees rave about her. “I’ve worked for Grand Canyon Pink Jeep Tours for over two years and she’s the best boss I’ve ever had,” said Ryann Barron, director of customer service. “She likes to get her hands on as much as possible and always makes sure that everyone is taken care of. Not only here, but also around Tusayan. I was very fortunate to be part of the Pink Jeep community. “

One of Murphy’s favorite pastimes is training and hiring guides. “It’s so much fun and I love developing our guides to exceed our guests’ expectations. Some of our guides have established connections with our guests and have become lifelong friends with them. Our guides create memories worth repeating. “

Murphy also enjoyed participating in the Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim garbage collection, which she has been involved in for three years. “We collect about six pounds of trash a day when we hike from the north rim to the south rim of the Grand Canyon.”

Former President of Pink Jeep Tours, Grand Canyon, Tim Miller, says Murphy has brought real passion and compassion to her work and personal life. “Romy is a real champion for the Grand Canyon and it shows in everything she did there. She is fully dedicated to her work and knows the area very well. A true leader. And what a great cook. “FBN

By V. Ronnie Tierney, FBN

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