Los Angeles Lakers lose a foul against the Phoenix Suns

The Los Angeles Lakers played an important game that will largely cover up the stench of last week’s four-game losing streak. A very entertaining game between two of the best teams at the Western Conferences was marred by quick whistles from the referees.

The Los Angeles Lakers had a matchup test with one of the hottest teams in the NBA in the Phoenix Suns. For some reason, the Lakers always seem to come across teams that play from their minds. Phoenix joined that list, beating the low-injury Lake Show 114-104.

The Lakers slide behind the suns in the loss column of the seeds of the Western Conference.

The good of the Los Angeles Lakers loss:

LeBron James only gave business to the Phoenix Suns early and often.

The King continued his dominance of the NBA courses for the third year in a row since the Utah debacle. In the first half he surgically dismantled the suns. He scored 11 of his 15 points (7-12 shooting!) In the second frame with 3 rebounds, 2 assists and that block on Deandre Ayton.

Lake Show Life heavily criticized LeBron’s lack of defensive intensity during the losing streak. During the jazz blowout, he brought his energy to the ground. He’s been so committed on the defensive since then that some believe he should be the NBA Defensive Player of the Year (Pfft! Folks, that doesn’t happen!).

But for the Lakers to really survive without Anthony Davis in the lineup, this is the LeBron who is most needed. The one who only challenges great men like Ayton but is ready to slow down the opposing team’s wings or guards that get it going.

That game helped spark a huge Lakers run to get them back into the game in the second quarter. He finished the night with 38 points. Speaking of the Lakers comeback …

Frank Vogel gave Phoenix the “okey-doke” by adding Jared Dudley to the play and play zone!

If a Lakers fan hadn’t seen this game and heard that Frank Vogel put Jared Dudley into the game to play the center with a 6’10 center in Dario Saric still on the floor, they would have wanted him fired.

Well, Vogel did it and it worked wonders. Ayton still doesn’t have the legwork needed to make the Lakers pay, and Saric isn’t a really low mail threat. Because of this, Dudley was effective in the five places.

  • Watch as Jared Dudley flashed to help Alex Caruso double up on Chris Paul so he couldn’t get his hands on it anymore.
  • Then he turned back to disturb Saric as he headed for layup and Talen Horton-Tucker knocked the ball out of his hands to begin the quick break.
  • THT dribbles and hits Caruso in the quick break, then Caruso flips to LeBron.
  • LeBron delivers the hammer.

Just this move by Vogel triggered a 16: 5 run.

Talen Horton-Tucker did the job.

THT was extremely important in this game as the ongoing offensive battles of Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (more about him in a second!) Were active on both ends of the floor. He scored 12 Lakers direct points in the first half on 4-6 shooting. He finished with 16 points.

The bad of losing the Los Angeles Lakers:

The start for the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Lakers can’t afford slow starts, especially when they’re so understaffed. The Lake Show started the game 6-0 and gave up another 12-0 run in the first quarter. The Lakers went out of their way to come back much like they did in the Portland game on Friday, but this team can’t make it a habit.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Wesley Matthews Jr. have to score.

KCP reaches the attacking Lakers fans. After scoring just 19 points in the last three games, his battles against the suns continued. He finished 1-7 off the field for 4 points. If you think KCP is going to be banked … stop because he doesn’t.

Wesley Matthews got the same number of points as this writer who made this epilogue and you, the reader, who watches it.

The Los Angeles Lakers continue to fight with the 3-point defense.

This may be an unfair review of Lake Show Life considering that the Phoenix Suns have one of the most efficient offenses in the NBA, but this staff is thorough. The suns ate each other behind the arch on the Lakers. To put this in perspective: after three quarters the suns shot less than 50% from the field, but 54% from the 3-point line.

Man, the Lakers are understaffed!

It’s bad enough that Anthony Davis will be out for a while. But Marc Gasol is set to grapple with NBA health and safety protocols and Kyle Kuzma, who was a late game scratch over a heel problem, indefinitely.

Alex Caruso left the game with neck cramps. After tomorrow’s Sacramento game, the squad may spend their all-star hiatus in the training room or in a bed somewhere sleeping.

Where in the world was Montrezl Harrell?

Frank Vogel had a great pull in inserting Jared Dudley as mentioned earlier, but that doesn’t mean Montrezl Harrell should be buried on the bench. How did it work? The solar centers together add up to 38 points. If Trezl only starts after 19 minutes, it is better if the Lakers get him off the bench.

The story of the Los Angeles Lakers loss:

The referees basically ruined what could be a very entertaining game!

TNT broadcaster Jim Jackson noted he didn’t know what was in the Gatorade at halftime, which resulted in both teams coming out lively, but the referees screwed it up. First, the Los Angeles Lakers received two technical fouls (LeBron and Vogel) that added up to free throws. Then the Phoenix Suns got two technical fouls (both from Devin Booker!) And he was kicked out of the game.

Look, this is a Lakers website and it’s great for the staff to write successful post-game reviews, but we’re all fans first. Everyone wants to see stars and not umpires throwing them.

The more detailed Lake Show Life breakdowns will be posted in the Lake Show Life Lessons tomorrow. Keep it banned for the Los Angeles Lakers’ only post-game report with highlights and in-depth analysis.

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