Low Police Show | Police reports

  • February 9 – Show Low Police arrested 39-year-old Show Low’s John M. Emery on a warrant for the Show Low Justice Court and an arrest warrant for the Snowflake Justice Court, both for failing to comply with DUI’s original indictment filed with combined bonds of $ 1,050.
  • February 10 – Police arrest Lakeside-year-old Richard C. Watson, 34, on a Snowflake Justice Court warrant for failing to comply with a court order on an original DUI charge that included a $ 1,000 bail.

– Police quoted and referred to juvenile authorities as a 17-year-old McNary boy who allegedly fought with a clerk at a local retail store when the boy allegedly tried to steal a sweater and bottle of whiskey. The boy reportedly hit the clerk over the head with the bottle of whiskey, injuring the clerk before running out of the store. Police located the boy and charged him with break-in, assault, disorderly behavior, trespassing and criminal harm. He was turned over to his guardian.

  • February 11 – Police arrest 28-year-old Bernard R. Lottman, of Lakeside, on charges of possession of narcotics, drug paraphernalia, and a Show Low Justice Court warrant for not being on an original $ 379 shoplifting charge -Dollar cash has appeared bond. Police said he allegedly admitted possession of 5 grams of heroin and 10 syringes, which he allegedly found in his backpack along with other drug paraphernalia.

Police arrested Show Low’s 18-year-old Christyanna Koffman for stealing air capsules worth $ 140.

– Police arrested Antonio Carabajal, 71, of Bakersfield, Calif., For domestic violence-related assault and disorderly domestic violence-related behavior.

Police arrested Show Low’s Joseph MA Borden, 29, on charges of two serious DUIs. Police said he had an average BrAC of 0.199 at the time of arrest.

  • Feb. 12 – Police cite and release Show Low, 60-year-old Allen O. Taylor, who is charged with criminal harm after allegedly smashing a woman’s cell phone.
  • February 13 – Police arrested Whiteriver, 50-year-old David D. Giles on a probation warrant. He was charged with driving with a driver’s license and falsely reporting to law enforcement agencies.
  • February 14 – Police arrest Show Low’s Derek M. Coburn, 22, on two counts of wrongdoing. Kaitlynn M. Mezo, 21, of Show Low, was charged with violating a court order not to drink alcohol for a period of time.
  • Feb. 15 – Police arrest 23-year-old Jason V. Soya of Snowflake on a Snowflake Justice Court warrant for violating a court order related to an alcohol abuse involving a $ 333 cash loan.

Police arrested Brianna J. Lindsey, 28, of Lakeside, on charges of possession of drug paraphernalia (fentanyl pills) and an arrest warrant against the Navajo County Supreme Court for failing on an original drug possession and possession charge Narcotics listed was drug paraphernalia that came with a $ 7,500 bond.

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