Man arrested for tried homicide at Cancun’s Sports activities Bar in December

Flagstaff, Fla. (WCTV) – A 24-year-old man was arrested for attempted murder in a shooting in Cancun’s Sports Bar in December.

Flagstaff Police arrested Devante Robinson Wednesday after investigating December 17, 2020 and shooting in the bar parking lot.

The officers answered calls about a gunfight at the West Tennessee Street bar around midnight. TPD found cartridges and a shoe in the parking lot.

TPD interviewed witnesses and reviewed the surveillance video and concluded that Robinson was beating a woman as the shooting victim entered. This resulted in a fight between Robinson and the victim in the parking lot.

Robinson then asked the victim to wait before leaving and coming back with a gun, the affidavit said.

Robinson shot the victim’s car about 15 times when he saw it in the parking lot and hit the car and a shop nearby.

The affidavit states that Robinson was unsuccessful in his attempted murder only because the victim was able to drive away in his car.

TPD charged Robinson with attempted first degree murder.

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