Man in Phoenix sets world record for Nordic curls in 1 minute

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) — A Valley man just set a new world record for a very difficult exercise! Greg Pignataro put his leg strength to the test on Friday when he tried to do as many Nordic curls as he could in a minute at the Team 44 training center in Phoenix. To do the curl, he used his hamstrings to lift nearly his entire body weight. It’s tough to do, and it took him months of training to do just one. So what’s the new record? Pignataro did 24 of those curls in 60 seconds.

He’s been working toward setting a world record for about a year. He said that while it’s challenging, anyone can do it with enough practice. “One of my favorite stories, one of my clients just earlier this month achieved hers for the first time after over a year of working on them and she is soon to be 60 years old. So anyone can do these as long as they start at the appropriate starting point,” he said.

Pignataro thinks these Nordic curls should be a more mainstream exercise because they help strengthen your legs in ways other exercises just can’t.

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