Maricopa County completes hand count audit of ballots as part of recount process

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) — The Maricopa County Elections Department has completed the hand count audit of ballots as part of the automatic recount involving three close races.

The state’s automatic recount process happens when the margin between two candidates is within .5%. Three races were recounted in Maricopa County, including the contests for state Attorney General, Superintendent of Public Instruction and state representative in Legislative District 13.

Maricopa County completed a logic and accuracy test on the tabulation equipment last week, which is a necessary step before a recount can begin. The next step involved a 2% hand recount audit, which happened over the weekend in Maricopa County.

Tuesday afternoon, the county election department said the hand count was finished, confirming the accuracy of the tabulation equipment. Over three days, the county says bipartisan boards hand counted more than 32,000 ballots cast in the three races involved in the recount.

The bipartisan boards are appointed by the Maricopa County political party chairs. On Saturday, the audit board was made up of 52 Republicans, 35 Democrats and three Libertarians. On Sunday, the board consisted of 55 Republicans, 27 Democrats and three Libertarians. The final day of counting, Tuesday, involved 31 Republicans, 25 Democrats and one Libertarian.

The next court hearing regarding the recount is set for Dec. 22. All 15 counties have to be finished recounting by that date.

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