Matuidi on life at Inter Phoenix, lacking PSG and Basaksehir racism incident

The French midfielder, who traveled to the US in the summer of 2020, has been watching events in Europe closely

Blaise Matuidi and Presnel Kimpembe have a lot in common. The two 2018 world champions have close ties with Ligue 1 giants Paris Saint-Germain and the French national team.

One stays on the books at Parc des Princes and is part of a star-studded squad while the other is in the US after leaving Juventus for Inter Phoenix in the summer of 2020.

Matuidi is the man who chased the American dream, but he continues to closely watch events in Europe, with events in the French capital being of particular interest.

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Life in Florida came first for Matuidi. The 33-year-old enjoyed the challenges of a new beginning.

He said, “The family feels really good. They adapted quickly, there is the sun. There you have it, the good life. It’s the American dream, as they say.

“In football, it’s MLS. It’s not necessarily the European Championship. After that there are some good young people. Sometimes I tell them, “Oh, calm down!” If you don’t know the players you haven’t seen them on video, they are lively but it’s not bad, there is still a good level. There is tactical work to be done. That is the big difference to Europe. “

While Inter Phoenix, where he is part of David Beckham’s expansion franchise, is currently dominating Matuidi’s mind, he’s letting his mind return to France.

He added, after spending six years with trophies at PSG between 2011 and 2017: “The atmosphere with my husband Presko [Kimpembe]. When we were together we did little things, it was good.

“Seriously, family, close friends, people like you in the locker room and outside. These are the things that may be missing from time to time, but I remain a Parisian at heart.

“Every time I have to return to Paris, I find myself again. Family is also important. As they say, in life you have to take off. I took the chance, it was the right moment for me to change continent, to discover something different, and I think it will serve me well for the future. “

On the other side of the world, Matuidi followed how Kimpembe and Co. fared.

A Champions League game against Istanbul Basaksehir in December 2020 piqued his interest for the wrong reasons. A storm of racism sparked when the fourth Romanian official was accused of making derogatory remarks to Pierre Webo.

Commenting on the incident in which players from both sides left the pitch, Matuidi said: “An important moment for the world of football. Hats off to you, to both teams. It’s something that needs to stay in your head.

“We are examples and I think it was the best example. These are things that shouldn’t be happening in football and you’ve sent a real signal.

“Even the big authorities of today are aware that these are things that cannot be seen in the world of football and even in life. There were so many episodes, so many situations that we let happen. Now is the time to really say stop.

“I also experienced it in Italy and would have liked such a situation. It didn’t, but that’s why I say bravo. “

Matuidi was watching events at the Parc des Princes from afar, but Kimpembe was an integral part of the action after joining PSG’s starting XI.

Speaking of a disturbing incident that led to a show of sporting solidarity, he said: “I didn’t understand what happened at the beginning. I just knew there was a crowd.

“We were in the Champions League, we had to win and at the time you don’t know what’s going on, but when you approach you start to understand. We asked questions and we see Demba Ba come down. Even when we spoke English, we all understood what he was saying. That was really crazy because everyone was there.

“He spoke to the referee face to face, he dropped everything! You start to understand what is going on. Even the referees see that they feel a little weak, they are helpless because they knew the truth was being told.

“When we found out what really happened, we all made up our minds to get started, whether we were Paris or as Turks. We said ‘no! Folks, it is now. If we can hit the table with our fists, now is the time. We had to mark the occasion. “

Kimpembe, one of PSG’s vice-captains, added to the decision to hold a protest and close the competition the next day with a new group of match officers: “It came out of course.

“All the players got it. When we were in the locker room we told the guys that if we have to get back to the field, it’s all together. If there’s someone who doesn’t want to go back to the field, we’re not going back! It was clear to everyone. Everyone said: “No, we’re not going!” Then we talked to the Basaksehir players and they agreed.

“Psychologically it hurts, you get a hit. You are no longer focused on playing a soccer game, you are thinking of something else. If we got back five minutes later it would be difficult. We decided not to play and I think that was the best solution. “

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