Medjool Date Festival returns to Yuma to celebrate ten years

Downtown Yuma hosts the annual event

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) – Downtown Yuma hosted the 2023 Medjool Date Festival.

For further context, the event is an annual event spanning about ten years features the most traditional and unique ways to eat and sell dates.

“We’ve been cultivating dates for over 50 years now. All our dates are hand-sorted manually from human beings,” Imperial Date Gardens Production Manager Brandon Owl spoke.

From eating straight out of the box to deep frying them on a stick, and from past to present, there’s been no shortage of creativity and competitive spirit.

“The first date festival that was actually ever held, there was a date shake competition and Martha’s Garden did in fact win that competition. We [have been] named [the] Worlds Best Date Shakes ever since,” said Nels Rogers of Martha’s Date Farm.

Martha’s Garden has been a staple of the Medjool Date Festival since the festival’s inception. Not only that, they are always happy to open up shop for customers

“You know this has always been a great experience. Just to see people come out and see the local growers from here in Yuma. It’s just been a wonderful turnout,” Rogers continued.

The versatility of what to make with dates seems so simple but at the same time is so complex.

“We make date coconut roles, we can date almond roles with other nuts, we can make date shake, we make date bread,” Owl concluded.

Live music and guests of all kinds with a scent for dates culminated in a memorable experience for all.

If you want to learn more about dates, or buy some, then click here.

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