Meet the Flagstaff woman behind Instagram who makes life easier for dog owners | Beat

While many places in Flagstaff allow dogs, not all are exactly what would be considered dog-friendly. Many patios aren’t as suitable for dogs as others, Leon noted, while others go out of their way to recognize dogs like any other guest.

“You want to take your dogs to places where they’re welcome,” she said. “You never want to be a burden on the staff or the people there.”

Mother Road Brewing Company, 7 S. Mikes Pike St. is one of Leons mostly facing the brewery’s large patio, water bowls for dogs, and an abundance of goodies. It is easy for the dogs to have their own space without worrying about invading others, she said.

Marlee Leon’s two dogs, Rico and Luke. Leon runs the local Instagram page @dogfriendlyflagstaff.

Courtesy Marlee Leon

Leon noted that many breweries in town, such as Wanderlust Brewing Company (1519 N Main St # 102) and Historic Brewing Company (110 S San Francisco St.) have similar offerings.

Restaurants are a little trickier as most dogs won’t let in. According to Leon, it is important to find a good terrace. Toasted Owl at 12 S Mikes Pike St. and the new Matty Gs Steakburgers at Heritage Square are just the ticket. Toasted Owl’s large terrace is ideal for brunch with your dog, while Matty Gs even offers small burger patties for her four-legged customers.

Shopping can be easier as many downtown stores welcome dogs into their stores. Old Town Shops on Heritage Square, Plantae (112 E Rte 66 # 106) and the outdoor retailer Mountain Sports (24 N. San Francisco St.) are always happy when puppies come by.

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